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Leather Male Chastity Belt With Cuffs

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Chastity Belt with Handcuffs & Vibrating Anal Plug
Color: Black 
Material: PVC/Leather
perimeter of Waist: 68.5~107cm
perimeter of hands cuffs: 17~23cm
Length of  Waist to crotch:2~19cm

A leather chastity belt that also offers wrist restraint to ensure that the wearer can't squirm his way out. Fitted with two 1.5-inch cock rings for maximum security, this lockable chastity belt is sure to appease the most demanding keyholder.


The leather waist belt is adjustable between 28 and 40 inches and is finished with a strong metal D-ring and a sturdy padlock.


The crotch strap runs from the front to the back in a thong style and is adjustable between 17 and 23 inches.


Attached to the waist belt you'll find two non-removable leather cuffs that fasten with D-rings and padlocks - the perfect way to stop any bad behaviour, keeping your sub just where you want him. The cuffs are adjustable between 6.5 and 8.5 inches in circumference for a snug fit around the wrists.


Follow the straps down and you'll find the crotch pouch which is lined with cold metal studs that not only look great but apply a cool sensation to the skin too.


Inside the pouch, there are two 1.5 inch diameter cock rings which are perfect for holding his penis in place, with or without an erection.